Friday, December 10, 2010

New Mosaic Sale Page!

Hi Everyone, I know!
It's been 6 months since I have updated this blog.
Lets just say life sure does throw curve balls :)
Back in action and better than ever, I have updated
my website to include a buy now mosaic section.

Here are just a few of my recent smaller pieces.

I am happy to report that after a summer and fall spent getting to know several gallery board members and co-op owners, I have been asked to submit my work to
both a high end gallery co-op and a popular gift gallery as well.
I am so happy to have these venues open to my work year round.
I adore the people at the market on Sunday's, but the rest of the time my art hangs in my home. It needs light and love. Not just a good cleaning :)

So, buy my work before the added commission of these new venues start in January.
Mosaic Sale Here

Here's a little tutorial for prepping foam balls for mosaic work.
Enjoy! Ball Prep

I wish you all a lovely Holiday season.
I will be taking a bit of a break for the most part.
I have one commission to get out before the 24th and the
rest of the month will be for shopping, wrapping and baking goodies.
I hope yours will be much the same.
Much love and joy to you all.

Please "like" my Local Business page on Facebook.
I will be phasing out the artist page for the business page.

Thanks! Annie

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow but steady...

The first couple of months of 2010 have been
rather slow artistically. Plans to expand
my studio space have been slowed as well by illness and injury.
My studio is in disarray making creative juices hard
to find.

The end of 2009 was a whirlwind of mosaic work needing
completion in time for the holiday. With the fall bash
and art show I think it all just wore me out and my
body took over and demanded a break.

I did complete those mosaics and each client was
very pleased.

Sisters By The Sea is a 16x20 inch mosaic before framing.
Thank you to the DeFoor family for the honor.

The other completed commission was for a friends
volunteer firefighter husband.
His truck number 7 of Walker County Georgia
11x14 without framing.


My work has been blogged recently by Irit Levy.
I was extremely honored to be included.
Irit Levy's Blog

I am finally working on the kite piece.
I'm also increasing stock for the first market day
in April 2010. I am so pleased to be a member of the
Chattanooga Market family.
Don't miss opening day the end of April 2010!

Hope you are all staying warm!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kite Flying put on hold.

It was to be my next piece some time ago,
that image of a boy flying a kite...
but happily I have gained two commissions
since then that must be finished before
The first is a lovely image of three
sisters on the beach. Commissioned by
their mother. I just love capturing this
type of image in glass.

The other is a firetruck commission that
was ordered and then put on hold by the
client for a time. That one is back on
and will also be a Christmas gift.

Our annual fall party this year included
and art show and sale. I sold several pieces.
Not as many as I had hoped, but several
more orders were taken for small items.
It ended up being a rainy day, which I think
kept people away. Those that came tried
mosaics by making coasters. It was a fun time
that showed them a little of what I do all day.
I'll grout them and send them back to them soon.

The slide show playing in the sidebar
includes my latest flickr images.
My latest pieces, WIP's often and other images
I post there. Have a look at any time.

My facebook personal page has gone dark for
the most part. It is just too much for them
to expect you to be able to keep up with two.
One for personal and one for business.
So join the fan page if you are just on
the personal one.

I cant wait to see what everyone came up with
for the Winter White exhibit at Ciel.
I was just in small mosaic mode for the sale
and had no time to complete anything.
I hope to get there sometime in November to
see it. Pam always does such a great job with
the execution and promotion of these events.

Off to recover from the busy month!
Hope you are all well!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September starts with a smile...

Hello everyone!
Thanks to all my new subscribers!

I have just returned from the
Contemporary Mosaic Art 2009 exhibit in
Charlotte NC. For those of you that have not
experienced such an event, please do. It is not
the stuffy atmosphere of the movies.
It is an abundance of color and light to see
mosaics in person. I try not to miss an opening
if at all possible!

The exhibit continues through October at
Ciel Charlotte. Thank you to Pam Goode
Curator and Artist for the opportunity
to show my work in such a lovely venue.
You can see photos of the event in my Flickr
But see it in person if you can!

I was also asked to demonstrate my cutting
techniques to artists and gallery visitors alike.
I had a few moments of worry over the fact
that teaching didn't seem like anything I could
do. I am actually shy unless I talk myself into
not being so. I thought about what an amazing gift
this offer was and went full on into it.
I am pleased to say that it has to be one of the
most satisfying evenings of my life.
What I learned could fill a page. The main lesson
being, opportunities happen, allow the gift of it.



Pendant Mania continues...
Adorable tiny pouches arrived along
with organza ribbon chokers or cording
choices. Presentation completed, I also
created a hanging display for them.
My habit of DIY continues.


11x14 Titled Flying High

I'll also be working on a Firetruck for
a local volunteer fire fighter.


Watch for the announcement of our:
Fall Bash / Open Studio and Sale
"Save the Date" announcement soon.

It's getting closer!
If you are a local artist, contact me to include
your work for this event.

Confirmed artists; The deadline is September 15th
for any needs your work may require.

This Weeks Mosaic/Studio Tip:

Don't forget your local discount tool
warehouse for Mosaic supplies.
Locally, (Georgia) I frequent Harbor Freight.

Items I use include, parts sorter trays.
Several of these surround me filled with glass
as I work, My palette. With the handy pour spout,
clean up is fast as well.

Of course mine is filled with glass :)
Harbor Freight

While you are there search for...
Rubber tool chest liners. For a non-slip surface that
assists in holding my glass steady as I score.
It costs a fraction of items sold for this purpose
and does the exact same thing.

Deadline to ensure Christmas Delivery is September 30th.
Any commissions, large or small, need to be in by that date.

Have a wonderful September Everyone!

Annie Thomas-Burke

(Find me on facebook too! )

Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Abundance


Exciting things are happening for my business and
for myself. I am feeling a creative down turn but
also a marketing upswing at the same time.
This is important, but not as fun as creating art.
Lately I have been reading:

I highly recommend it for artists every where!
Find It Here

I will be attending the opening of the Contemporary Mosaic
Art 2009 exhibit at Ciel Charlotte. Happily, two of my pieces
were accepted for this juried show. If you are interested, please
join us on the 4th and 5th of September 2009.

My thanks to Pam Goode for honoring me with an
invitation to demonstrate my glass cutting techniques
on the 5th of September for the "Meet The Artist"
Reception. I'll be working on a mosaic floral piece
of Black Eyed Susan's. If you are in the area, stop
by and watch me work. Several other artists will
be demonstrating as well!



I actually only completed one mosaic in July
and half of August. It is the very detailed pump
piece below. All those tiny cuts are right up my alley.
I loved every minute of creating it.

Today I am creating a few pendants.
Up next are small pieces for a fall sale here.
Watch for those announcements!!

Latest work:

18x24 unframed, all stained glass.
Available soon through Ciel Charlotte.

Current Marketing Campaign Postcard

I'm in the midst of a marketing blitz. :)

Watch for the announcement of our:
Fall Bash / Open Studio and Sale
"Save the Date" announcement soon.


This Weeks Mosaic/Studio Tip:

Attach a vinyl roller blind under the lip of your table surface.
When you are doing a messy
just pull the roller shade up and over
the table top.
Once used and dry, give it a little tug to retract the blind.
Cost, about $5.00 for the cheap vinyl ones...

Deadline to ensure Christmas Delivery is September 30th.
Any commissions, large or small, need to be in by that date.

Have a wonderful September Everyone!

Annie Thomas-Burke

(Find me on facebook too! )